Electric floor cranes

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Floor cranes, using electrically-actuated traction and hydraulics but with less man effort, can extent, rotate and lift loads electrically through operating the handle or pushing a button simply and effortlessly by the user, so it is a electric floor crane and hydraulic floor crane.


• Compact structure, light weight with small dimension makes it become smart and agile

• Heavy duty and professional design, high-quality materials with high-capacity batteries

• Long-lasting and robust mechanism which makes the operation more safe and reliable

• Conforms to the high standards with video teaching for users to easy operate products

• With manual drive so no external power supply is needed which can suited in many occasions

• Welded all-steel frame with powder-coat finish for maximum durability, has long service life

• Double acting Hydraulic Pump unit fitted with pressure relief valve to prevent overloading

• Universal wheels provide easy positioning and maneuvering to easy for load assignments

• Equipped with the automatic positioning device which make cranes become more safe

• Provide remarkable versatility for a wide range of jobs to fully meet customers’ requirements

• Installed with 360° free manual rotation, which can supply the cranes to any places

• All pins and shafts are made of high-quality stainless steel to ensure security to load works

• With folding structure for easy storage and flexible wheels for transport to ensure long usage

• Tremendous power and adaptability at extremely low costs which can save more power

• Friendly for operator to use for lifting, extending and driving, or any other operations

• The cranes are customized to completely meet the users’ standards and requirements

• High-efficient, environmental-friendly with low noise pollution and time saving

Capacity                                           0.2ton-2.7ton
Condition                                          New
Product name                                  Electric floor crane
Application                                       Lifting construction
Certification                                      CE, BV, SGS, ISO90001
Warranty                                           1 year
After-sales Service                          Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Color                                                 Yellow, orange or others required
Operation type                                 Walking
Power                                                Battery
Surface                                              Paint
Drive motor                                      1.5Kw
Wheel                                                Pneumatic
Usage                                                Workshop
Delivery time                                    15-30 business days
Package                                            Bubble wrap    
H.S. Code                                          8428909090                
中文品名: 吊具                


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           Electric floor cranes, using electrically-actuated traction and hydraulics but with less man effort, can extent, rotate and lift loads electrically through operating the handle or pushing a button simply and effortlessly by the user. With the main part-high-torque DC drive and lift motors, electric floor cranes are especially designed for handling heavy-duty jobs and continuous industrial use in repetitive lifting applications. Electric floor cranes offer additional  productivity and many ergonomic advantages over manual models, in addition to additional precision. Electric floor cranes are particularly valuable in replacing manual lifting equipment, as they provide an ergonomic, strain-free solution to moving heavy loads.

           Electric floor cranes are equipped with an easy-to-operate throttle with forward and reverse direction plus infinite speeds, which make them easy to maneuver loads in warehouses and trailers. Besides, they feature a reverse base design and counterweights giving users the ability to avoid troublesome obstacles and the reverse style provides easy access to wide loads. There is no doubt that electric floor cranes greatly increase working adaptability and make impossible work simple because they can reach over, beyond, and underneath, which making it ideal for big, bulky, or awkward loads.

           Our electric floor cranes are designed by the experienced and professional workers. Electric floor cranes feature dead man brake and auto-reverse on control handle, and heavy-duty traction drive wheel, which greatly increase the safety and easy operation. Also, the battery box system and driving system are very strong and powerful, it can last 3-4 hours operation at full charge and 7-8  hours when used intermittently due to the existence of battery charger, battery level gauge, emergency battery disconnect and other equipment. One of the  advantages of electric floor cranes is that they are not having the extending legs that protrude out to the front, which overcomes the problem of lifting loads that are sitting on the floor without any footing room.

           Different specifications of electric floor cranes are available and they cater to various requirements of customers. Besides, all the different specification are provided by us, to completely meet customers’ needs.You can fully purchase our products in confidence because they have been tested to the higher operating  standards and are ISO9001, BV and SGS approved. We also can send the sample to you, which can help you to test and check our electric floor cranes. What’s more, adjustable leg style designs are also provided including counter balance style and straddle style powered portable cranes for easy access to wide loads.

           Electric floor cranes are widely applied for lifting cargos, repairing, moving, loading/unloading material from trucks, maintenance and assembly work in construction sites, industrial and mining enterprises or mineral areas, shipping, warehouses, stations, terminals, electricity, machinery factories, production factories, docks, airports, postal services, steel plants, power plants, chemical, machine shops, manufacturing environments where is restricted  by floor level objects, urban construction, producing workshop usage, landscaping, bridge building, paving and many other fields. This piece of equipment is a must for lifting engines, machinery and all heavy components, especially in the fire/ explosion prevention places.

           Electric floor cranes are also called floor cranes, counter balance floor cranes, small lift counter balance floor cranes, electric powered counter balance cranes, small electric cranes, truck cranes, adjustable style floor cranes, fully powered shop cranes, workshop floor cranes, mobile floor crane hoists, battery trolley cranes with wire ropes, self-propelled cranes, counter balance hydraulic cranes, small hydraulic cranes, hand slewing cranes, mobile portable small mounting cargo cranes and fully powered versatile electric power floor cranes, portable electric floor crane, electric mobile floor crane, electric powered floor crane, electric counterbalance floor crane, electric hydraulic floor crane.

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Detailed Description

1. Battery box
         The battery box is the main control part of electric floor cranes, powered by batteries and built in charger, which also includes powered lifting cylinder. Electric floor cranes include two lead acid deep cycle batteries, integral battery charger, and battery level gauge.

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2. Legs
         The length and the position of legs can be adjusted to fix and for convenient operation. The adjustable legs can swing out to accommodate bigger loads and lock in three positions.

Electric Floor Crane china supplier1-4.jpg

3. Hook
        The rigid hook with wire ropes can bear heavy loads, and the heavy duty swivel hook is equipped with safety latch for long service.

Electric Floor Crane china supplier1-5.jpg

4. Hydraulic system
        Double acting Hydraulic Pump unit fitted with pressure relief valve to prevent overloading.

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5. Structure
        The cranes are welded all-steel frame with powder-coat finish for maximum durability.

Electric Floor Crane china supplier1-7.jpg

6. Pump
         Electric floor cranes are equipped with user-friendly manual pump operation for easy and convenient operation for users. Double acting hydraulic pump unit is fitted  with pressure relief valve to prevent overloading.

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7. Boom
         The powered telescopic boom provides maximum versatility; counterweight required for maximum extended boom capacity and added reach.

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8. Driving system
        The driving system provide all the safety features from a standard warlike trucks, such as speed control, emergency stop and magnetic brake and so forth.

9. Control Handle
         The convenient handle provides easy operation for operators for lifting things and  loads.

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10. Button
         Fingertip raise/lower button control is equipped for operator convenience. You can lift and move everything to anywhere you want by pushing the button.

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11. Belly switch
         State-of-the-art reverse belly switch provides unmatched operator safety.

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12. Relief valve
         The relief valve provides overloading protection, ensuring that cylinder won’t be damaged in case of overload.


        Equipped with high-quality cable to lift loads, which protect the load assignments from possible or potential danger.

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         Professional-design blot is used to fix the important components of electric floor crane, which provide security to load works.

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15.Pendant Control
         Installed with pendant control to operate or stop the electric floor cranes immediately.

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Except the electric floor cranes, semi-electric floor cranes also can be provided for customers. Not like auto electric floor  crane with both lifting and walking are auto, semi-auto is just lifting auto but walking is manual, means you need to push or pull the floor crane when working, Semi-electric floor cranes are operated by hand or pendant control. Compared with electric floor cranes, this type of cranes has the advantages of low price, low pollution and low cost. Besides, their components has the same high-quality as much as electric floor cranes which we provided. Operated by hand means that operators can manipulate the cranes immediately, especially in some dangerous situations. Besides, the unique foot brake mechanism and handhold control make the operation become more easier. Equipped with good quality pump station and large capacity maintenance free battery pack, which saves maintenance time and cost for customers. What’s more, oil cylinder is well sealed, which adopts engineering machinery standard design. It is safe and reliable,  also saves time and effort. Our cranes passed the test of 125% overload before delivery, are totally approved by CE. You can choose electric floor cranes or semi-electric floor cranes according to your requirements.

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Special parts suitable for Semi-electric floor cranes

1.Handhold Handle

Handhold handle is equipped in the cranes, which makes the operations become more convenient and safe.

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2.Brake Mechanism

Installed with special brake mechanism, which has the function of fixing the wheels to position cranes. It also plays an important part when meet the dangerous situations. 

             Electric Floor Crane china supplier1-19.jpg


The cranes are equipped with heavy duty steel wheels with brake system for avoiding slipping emergency and greatly improve the safety. The universal wheels provide easy maneuvering and positioning for operators.

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4.Bottom Structure

The bottom structure adopted forklift fork hole, it is easier to transport the loads.

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         1.  There are many specifications about the crane such as hook position, capacity, boom height, lift speed loaded, lower speed loaded, travel speed loaded, retracted size, drive motor, battery, weight and other specific figures.

         2.  The integrated hydraulic system provides  safety velocity fuse, adjustable flow control and compensated flow control  valve, overlord relief valve and so forth.

         3.  Other types

Electric Floor Cranes

Electric Floor Crane china supplier1-22.jpg

Electric Floor Crane china supplier1-23.jpg

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The cheapest series of Electric floor crane and Manual floor crane (both pushed by hand)

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Offer for 1.2t fully electric shop crane WCR-120E (VESTIL type)

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Instruction Manual of 2ton electric floor crane

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RMF01 Electric Shop Crane (Portable Cantilever Hoist or swivel crane)

Semi-electric Floor Cranes

Electric Floor Crane china supplier1-24.jpg

Electric Floor Crane china supplier1-25.jpg

Electric Floor Crane china supplier1-26.jpg

Besides above two kinds of floor crane with storage battery, we also have floor crane with external power supply as below, the price is cheaper than above two kinds:

Offer for 0.5T Mobile revolving floor crane with External power supply

Manual Hydraulic Pump type Floor Crane

Manual Hydraulic Pump type.jpg

Working Video of Manual Hydraulic Pump type Floor Crane: https://youtu.be/rRosPinZqHE

Request for pries of Fully Electric Floor Crane 2ton from Pakistan

Technical info

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Capacity                 (Kg)
Length    Position                  (mm)
Max Hook Height    (mm)
Min Hook Height    (mm)
Overall Size    (mm)
Weight                 (Kg)
Rotation Angle
1 year
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