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HI Yang

I am T*** from F**** Vietnam,

Just let you know that  the latest shipment of hoists that you just shipped to Vietnam in August,2021, The Winches had wrong length shafts, it is too short.

It should be 260mm length , not 220mm as you sent.

Anyway, We had to make our own one here so it can fits. So can you pls check and make sure the correct length shafts for the next orders of hoists as what you made before.

Here is a photo that is your one and our one

The shaft should be 260mm length, not 220mm.jpg


Sorry for the inconvenience.

We will make 260mm length shaft for the manual push-pull trolley (=plain trolley) for the next order

Customer: Flat washers 31.5mm x 47.5mm



flat washers you mean this in manual push-pull trolley (=plain trolley)?

Customer: Yes there are two sizes for washers, I think one washer is 2mm tick and the other washer is about 12mm tick

We need both washers, can you please confirm the sizes so I can update the order?

RAMHOIST: yes, you are correct.

size of washers in 2ton plain trolley:

attached updated PI.

Customer: My friend Yang,  your PI is very confusing;


The washers you send me photos of are D52xd36x3mm (gold) and D44xd36x12mm (black);

About the chain why did you consider Qty 2x?

RAMHOIST: for the washers, D52xd36x3mm (gold) + D44xd36x12mm (black) as 1 set, and you need 30 set, attached updated PI

for the chain, in your oder request, it is 2, we assumed it is 2 extra chain for the 500kg electric chain hoist you ordered (one chain is about 3m for 3m lifting).

pls contact us if any further question, thanksHi Yang

Customer: We have just received 12 of hoists.

Just let you know that The mounting brackets to connect to the trolley are wrong

Can you see the hole is wrong position,


I have attached photos of correct part and wrong parts, can you take a look pls.

This issue was happend some times in the past , i noted to you already before.

Can you make sure this never happen again pls

For now, i have to make correct part for the hoists i just received.

我们收到12台葫芦了,连接到电动小车上的 安装吊环是错的






mounting bracket.jpg

Correct way.jpg

RAMHOIST: yes, we confirm this will not happen again. i am sorry
pls kindly keep me informed if you have any problem for making correct part

Customer: Hi Yang,

We need you to send us the correct part because we cannot use it and we didn’t order that part.

RAMHOIST: pls check attached you need, pls confirm that we will send immediatedly, thanks


Customer: That is is correct, but make sure the hole size is 32mm that should be fit to the trolley shaft.

And also make the customs invoice under 20usd only.

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