Manual Hoists
  • VG Lever Hoists

    Lever Hoists are kind of portable and versatile hand-operated loading and pulling appliance with simple design making routine inspection or maintenance fast and easy, which have the same technology as kito ratchet lever hoists or kito chain lever hoists.

  • VJ Lever Hoists

    Lever Hoists adopting high structural steel plate is a portable lifting device operated by hand and lifted by G80 high strength load chain, which is safe, reliable and durable. they have many different names such as chain lever hoist, chain hand lever hoist.

  • V2 Lever Hoists

    Lever Hoists are new kinds of products used in occasions without power source which is ameliorated by introducing advanced technology, so they have advantages such as beautiful appearance, light weight, small cubage, safety and reliability and long operational life-span. Flying hook can remove fleetly since brake equipment can be rapidly unhitched by manual lever hoists even under unloaded conditions. Please contact us if you need lever hoist manual.

  • V3 Lever Hoists

    Lever Hoists features 360° rotating handle and customized chain providing high quality and low handle effort, All our mechanical lever hoists are fully Inspected and tested before dispatch, it is easy to operate and rigging because of one-handed free chaining mechanism. For lever hoist parts and exploding diagram, Please contact us directly.

  • HSHL Lever Hoists

    Lever Hoists from RAMHOIST used to pull, lift, drag or stretch which offers wide ranges of load capacities and lift heights. They are designed with industry innovations for strong and simple steel construction with fewer parts, light weight making them easy to use and maintain. Compare to world’s famous brand tiger lever hoists and jet lever hoists, the big advantage is the low price.

  • CR Lever Hoists

    Lever Hoists, adopting chrome plated or powder coated, are efficient, safe and durable lifting tools, which are cost-effective, have wide range of applications and utilize advanced technology with rapid adjustment of hook function and high efficiency. they are one kind of mechanical lever hoists and chrome plated lever hoist for sale is in processing.

  • AL Lever Hoists

    Aluminum Lever hoists are highly efficient and multi-purpose manual lifting device, this all material handling lever hoist featuring the lightest weight compact structure but high price. But they worth that price because of the excellent performance.

  • ARK Lever Hoists

    Aluminum Lever Hoists (lever hoist block) utilizing ratchet and pawl designs are essential tools for industrial and service applications where disc brake mechanisms are not desirable, standard lift is 1.5 m. lever hoist for sale in china is very huge.

  • LSB Lever Hoists

    Lever hoists or lever pullers used to tighten cables in power line construction, which can adjust sag, pull wire, lift small goods that are practical in small and narrow areas, they are the industry standard with innovation and strength that can be used horizontally, vertically, inverted or any load angle to get the job done. Lever hoists sale here is higher than chain blocks especially this aluminum alloy chain lever hoist.

  • CCP Lever Hoists

    Lever hoists using lightweight yet robust aluminum materials and grade 80 alloy chain are designed for single hand operation in confined spaces. It is a kind of manual hoisting machinery playing important role in the open and no power place, 3 ton lever hoist is the most popular, Compact design of Aluminum ratchet lever hoists increases portability and rigging efficiency